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" As usual, clean and orderly. Able to locate items easily. Good prices on meat and produce. Checkout was easy. "

– Patricia S.

" Very nice supermarket with a lot of Portuguese and South American food. As an Italian, I love this place. "

– Luca De S.

" If you're home sick, this place has everything from Brazil and the prices are even better. "

– Telma G.

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Seabra's Market was founded in 1971 by a Portuguese immigrant named Americo Nunes Seabra. Americo immigrated from Portugal in 1967 with his wife and six children in search of the American Dream. When he arrived to this country, he settled into the city of Newark and worked as a butcher to support his family. He soon realized that there was a large Portuguese community in search of typical Portuguese products that were not readily accessible in the US.

Along with his 19 year old son Jose Seabra, he decided to open a small grocery store on Ferry Street in Newark that would specialize in the sale of Portuguese products. Americo knew that it was important for people to have access to certain products so that they could continue their tractions in this new country. Slowly, the company started to evolve and expanded their specialty products to include not just Portuguese products but products from all over Europe, Central America and South America.

At Seabra's Market we are committed to stocking our shelves daily with what the customer needs. We strive to provide the highest quality product, the freshest produce and the most variety of ethnic foods.

Our priority is our customers and their satisfaction.